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What We Do.

Your wealth was earned through hard work and diligence. It’s important you get the most out of it to reward your efforts. Our financial planning services are designed to take the stress out of managing your wealth and give you financial peace of mind.

Simplicity is important to us.

We make sure planning your finances and taking advice is enjoyable.

Making a financial plan is personal. It needs to distil the things that are important to you into specific objectives and support these with the right financial tools. A financial plan should be strategic – looking to the future. It needs to be tactical and agile – changing with you over time. Our expert advisers spend time getting to know and understand you so we can collaborate on a plan that has a vision and leads you to make the most of your wealth. We will recommend a suite of tax-efficient investments and financial products from the open market to make sure you have the best opportunity to realise your plans over the near term to distant future. Our financial plans are underpinned by Lifetime Cashflow Modelling. They will be regularly reviewed and maintained to stay on track.


Our services centre around holistic financial planning with specific advice on:

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This is personal. On the approach to retirement, your present and future lifestyle need to be considered and quantified. Our expert advisers sit down with you and talk through the various aspects of retirement, so we all understand and agree what a good retirement looks like for you.

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Whether it’s a financial crisis, global pandemic, or family illness, sometimes life throws us a curveball.


Our advisers will ensure you, your family, and/or your business have suitable protection in place against life’s uncertainties.

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If your financial plan is a journey, investments are the fuel that powers your motion. Like with any journey, you’re faced with endless options in terms of route, vehicle, fuel, and destination. The purpose of a financial planner is to recommend the best option for each of these according to your personal goals. 

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 Not only does the tax status of your wealth impact the resources available for the life you lead now, but it also affects the legacy you leave for loved ones.


Left unchecked, your family could be left with considerable inheritance tax (IHT) bills on your death. 


When you reach out to us for advice, we’ll hold an initial 30-minute consultation.

This meeting allows you to explain why you need advice and decide whether Blackmount Private Wealth is the right fit. Your adviser will use the information provided to set out how we can help. The initial consultation is free.

If it is mutually agreed to work together, your adviser will explain the next steps and how much the chosen services will cost. You won’t pay anything until our fees have been agreed to. We typically charge 1.5% of assets being advised on.

Financial planning is never a one-time exercise. Blackmount Private Wealth can work with you over the long term to monitor, review, and maintain your plans. Our fees for ongoing advice are up to 0.79% of assets under our care.


Email : |  Phone : 0141 286 4342

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