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If your financial plan is a journey, investments are the fuel that powers your motion. Like with any journey, you’re faced with endless options in terms of destination, route, vehicle, and fuel. The purpose of a financial planner is to recommend the best option for each of these according to your personal goals.

Developing a financial plan starts with the destination – which is your needs and objectives. It plots out your route through lifetime cash flow modelling. The best vehicles for that route are selected in the tax-wrappers recommended to hold your wealth within. Finally, you need to fuel these vehicles with the optimal investment strategy.

Blackmount Private Wealth will recommend a suitable investment for your needs and objectives based on a review of the appropriate marketplace. We will assess the level of risk you need to take to achieve your financial plans and consider this against a selection of vetted investment managers and portfolio options.

The future value of investments can fall as well as rise and future growth is not guaranteed.

As financial planners, we don’t pretend to be stockbrokers or pick funds by giving the illusion of owning a crystal ball. It is our job to determine a suitable investment and monitor its alignment with your financial plans over time.

We take an evidence-based approach and harness the skills of proven experts. In most cases, this means constructing a portfolio for you in alliance and collaboration with market-leading investment managers – often on a ‘discretionary managed’ basis. To vet these investment managers, we use the services of Vision Investment Portal (VIP).


VIP carries out extensive due diligence on the Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM) operating in the UK and creates a panel of chosen firms that we can have absolute confidence in. Taking this approach allows us the benefits of deploying multiple experts and unique cost savings on the investments we recommend. Blackmount Private Wealth is independent and has the freedom to recommend investments from the whole of the market.


The relationship we have with the DFMs also offers the chance to give you face time with the people running your portfolio day-to-day. This means we can build trusting relationships with the investment managers and gain real insights into the investments you own – rather than being an account number on a spreadsheet.

A successful investment strategy is formed when your adviser understands your motivations. It goes beyond chasing growth at all costs. If you want a visionary approach to investing – let’s talk about becoming a client.

Blackmount Private Wealth can offer a range of investment solutions including:







The value of investments can fall as well as rise. Growth is not guaranteed. 

The treatment of tax will depend on your personal circumstances. This may be subject to change and impact the benefits to you.
The FCA does not regulate Inheritance Tax Planning, Tax and Trusts. 

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