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Blackmount Private Wealth values simplicity. If we boil down everyone’s motivations, there tends to be one simple reason to work hard and accumulate wealth – retirement. At some stage in life, we all stop working.

Over the years, we have worked with clients whose sole objective was to create enough wealth to retire as soon as possible. We’ve also worked with clients who live to work. Whatever your motivations, the happiest people we know have sufficient wealth (or plans to get there) to retire on their terms. It is empowering.

Working with you to plan for retirement, regardless of where you are in the financial lifecycle, is rewarding for us.

Retirement comes with countless options for you and your family. It represents an opportunity to enjoy life to its fullest but is often an unknown landscape.  By its very nature, this makes retirement planning an essential part of everyone’s story. The complexities that come with it mean specialist advice is essential.

Blackmount Private Wealth works with you to set realistic goals and objectives for retirement. Our advice goes beyond the numbers to ensure you maximise the available opportunities to enjoy your time after work and leave an appropriate legacy for the next generations.

Alex Shairp and Qasim Younis sat around an office coffee table discussing notes in a book.

This is personal. On the approach to retirement, your present and future lifestyle need to be considered and quantified. Our expert advisers sit down with you and talk through the various aspects of retirement, so we all understand and agree on what a good retirement looks like for you.

We’ll then develop a plan to make this happen. Taking a holistic view of your wealth and circumstance allows us to implement an income strategy that provides for your needs as tax-efficiently as possible. This means planning across various factors and objectives that interplay for the best overall outcome (think about changing costs of living over time; the need to be flexible with income and spending habits; potential for later-life care costs; gifting to family; future inheritance tax bills on your estate; the tax structure and treatment of assets; governments tinkering with pension legislation; investment returns).

The world we live in evolves constantly. Your needs change with it. We like to check in with our clients regularly to make sure your plans stay on track. This combines the occasional coffee or lunch with formal reviews to keep your wealth and investments aligned to your desired lifestyle throughout retirement.


We consider ourselves a forward-thinking and approachable firm. We help our clients build wealth for retirement, spend and enjoy it effectively, and adapt to changes along the way. If well-laid plans and a prosperous future are important to you – let’s talk about becoming a client.

Blackmount Private Wealth can advise you on a range of retirement products including:







The value of investments can fall as well as rise. Growth is not guaranteed.
The treatment of tax will depend on your personal circumstances. This may be subject to change and impact the benefits to you. 

The FCA does not regulate Inheritance Tax Planning, Tax and Trusts. 

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